Libraries On Quicksand : In Search of a Stable and Sustainable Scholarly Environment

Speaker : Giannis Tsakonas

Speaker: Giannis Tsakonas, Director of the Library & Information Center, University of Patras, Greece / Chair of the LIBER Innovative Scholarly Communication Steering Committee / Member of the HEAL-Link Board of Directors

Description: Our world is going under major changes. The current pandemic has shown how fragile are the current establishments, but at the same time it appears as an opportunity to review their efficiency in a post-pandemic world. Libraries have been challenged as well in many aspects, but the profound challenge lies in the fact that the whole scholarly communication system, which influences many of their operations, appears to be a quicksand, an unstable surface that no step can be determined and no decision can be certain. This affects also the research communities that are in search of a new, safe and promising, scholarly communication habitat to trust their work. This talk will address some of the facts that form this unstable situation and, based on experiences from the European, as well as from the Greek context, will illustrate how libraries and their consortia can continue to work for the benefit of their communities.

Moderator: Lia Ollandezou, Coordinator, Steering Committee for Electronic Resources, HEAL-Link

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